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Read about customers experiences with GTA Locksmith and Security


Residential Lock Change

I unfortunately had my backpack stolen at the park and was a bit on edge because my house keys were in there along with my wallet. I wanted to get my locks changed ASAP and I remembered I used GTA locksmith and security once before to get a new set of car keys and I had a great experience, so I decided to call them again for lock changes and I am so happy I did.

I let them know it was an emergency and they sent their service man out to me within the hour! He was able to change both my front and back door locks as well as provide me with spare sets of keys to both. They did not overcharge like other companies tend to do and I was able to feel safe in my own home because of their quick service. I am very happy with the work they did and how they treat their customers and I will not hesitate to call them again for any future services I will need.


Car Key Replacement

After getting off a very long shift from work I realized my car keys were gone. I could not find them anywhere. I was so exhausted and just wanted to get home so I called my husband and he recommended I call GTA locksmith and security because he had used them in the past for other services. The second I called someone quickly picked up and sent over one of their locksmiths who came in under 30 min!

He was so personable and was able to make me a brand new key and program it right on the spot. The price they gave me over the phone was the exact one I was charged so there were no surprises. I could not thank them enough for how quick and easy they were. If you ever find yourself stuck without your car keys I would definitely recommend calling GTA locksmith and security if you want to get good service quickly.


House Lock Out

I cannot thank GTA locksmith and security enough for their services. This was my second time getting locked out of my house. I always rush in the mornings and forget to grab my house keys and end up stranded because my girlfriend leaves for work after me and locks the door behind her.

I have called these guys twice already and both times they showed up and unlocked my door extremely fast, I barely even needed to sit outside and wait. Every locksmith I have dealt with from here was so professional and friendly and never judged me for continuously locking myself out. I highly recommend giving these guys a call if you need services done. They are definitely my go to place in situations like these.


Commercial Lock Change

I just recently bought a commercial property for my restaurant I am about to open and I needed to change all the locks and install security cameras. I was a bit nervous as this was my first time ever opening my own business and it has been a dream in the making for a long time, so I only wanted to work with people I trusted.

I got recommended GTA locksmith and security by a buddy of mine who used them to change the locks on his house doors. I trusted him and gave them a call. The dispatcher who answered the phone was lovely and had a service man call me within minuets. The locksmith was very friendly and was able to accommodate the time and day I needed to get this done.

He showed up on time and changed all my locks and installed security cameras and I could not be happier with his work. I had no problems during this process and I will be saving this number for any future services I will need.


Ignition Repair

I am so glad I found this place. I was heading out the door one morning and when I got into my car my key would not turn in my ignition. I am no expert so I had no idea what was going on. I quickly googled places that can help me fix this problem and GTA locksmith and security came up.

I gave them a call and had a service man show up within a half hour. He was able to figure out what was going on and fix the issue I had with my ignition with no problems at all. Even the price was fair! I will absolutely call this place again if I have any future problems.


Safe Lock Out

I am extremely satisfied with the service I received from GTA locksmith and security. My husband and I have kept a safe with a lot of valuable stuff in it but we have not needed to touch it in years. When I went to open it, I was surprised that I fully forgot the passcode to open it and we never wrote it down anywhere.

I started to panic because we needed to get that safe open so I started googling anything I could and GTA locksmith and security came up. I quickly gave them a call and was surprised at how quickly someone was able to get to my house and unlock it for us. The service man that came was so polite and completed the job smoothly.

I am extremely happy I found this company and I now have a place I will gladly call anytime I need any services done. I highly recommend reaching out to these guys if you are ever in a panic and need services.